Hijack Your Feed is a playful proof of concept that seeks to reimagine what the "Feed" could be. It is not affiliated with Twitter.

The most exciting part is that we've barely scratched the surface. If your desktop with its overlapping windows and tabs were replaced by a Feed, what would your computing experience look like?
Jason Yuan
Jason designs interfaces: the metaphors that humanize them, and the systems that scale them. His work ranges from choreographing kinetic type for Klim Type Foundry, to prototyping operating systems, like MercuryOS. He studied Theatre at Northwestern University and Graphic Design at RISD before working at Sony Music and Apple. Jason co-founded MakeSpace, a social platform that reimagines familiar pillars of the computing experience (such as web browsing and teleconferencing) within a real-time, collaborative canvas.
Omar Rizwan
Omar believes we can learn a lot from the ways that people actually use computers—whether they're taking screenshots, piling up files called "Untitled" and "Untitled 2 final", or scrolling around on social feeds. He's worked as a researcher at Dynamicland, on software at Stripe and Khan Academy, and on new languages for interactive documents and digital logic design at Stanford. He's also the creator of Screenotate, a tool for macOS and Windows which captures the text and origin of every screenshot you take.
Jeff Dlouhy
Jeff is interested in making computers help people reach their full potential and not get in the way while doing so. He works on the macOS and iOS apps at Quill Chat. He also develops indie apps like a Morning organizer, a contextually based Wikipedia app Inquire, as well as a new app for film photographers launching in 2021. He is based in San Francisco.